Professional Central Coast CA Wedding Photographer   


Marc Howard began his photographic career training with several top photographers in the Monterey area. In 2001, he began working with TGO on various assignments. In the first wedding he photographed for TGO, the bride was a rocket scientist who wore a bright red dress. He realized then that each wedding has its own individual style to be captured, which only the best wedding photographers in Monterey are able to achieve.

A Master of Monterey Wedding Photography

Since then, Marc has photographed hundreds of weddings from Acapulco to Napa, from intimate immediate families in the redwoods at the Santa Lucia Preserve to lavish affairs spilling out of the grand ballroom at Pebble Beach.

Leading the example for other wedding photographers in Monterey to aspire to, Marc’s work has been featured in In Style Weddings, along with various other publications. By combining his candid style with his knowledge of lighting and composition, he describes his approach as blending fantasy with reality.

The Local Champion of Central Coast Wedding Photographers

Born and raised in Pebble Beach, California, Marc graduated from Robert Louis Stevenson and then earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Furman University in South Carolina. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for fourteen years and they enjoy spending time with their nine-year-old daughter.