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Central Coast Wedding Photographer

Carmel Valley Wedding First Look


The reveal or first look is becoming extremely popular.  There are so many reasons to seriously consider having a reveal.  We like to place the bride in a place with a background that her groom will always remember.  Remember in a traditional setting the groom is in front of 100+ people and to see his bride for the first time it is an emotuiopai experience.  The shots we get the groom at that time he often has a look of overwhelming nervousness we call it “the deer in the headlights” expression.  The reveal offers several advantages; the groom sees the bride like a painting hence a visual moment never to be forgotten, we can capture this intimate and emotional moment where as in a traditional setting the aisle makes this difficult,  the couple has a moment to connect, and the bride and groom shots that come from this are incredible.  With a first look or reveal the couples also less nervous and more present during the ceremony. 

In some instances the family and/or bridal party is off to the side watching.  Following the reveal we can do the  family/bridal party shots, which mean following the ceremony the bride and groom can enjoy their party.  We always tell our couples that a reveal does not weaken the wonderful drama of the bride walking down the aisle….with a reveal the bride has 2 entrances for her groom.  

These are shots form Chelsea and Matt’s reveal.  She is wearing tennis shoes under her dress and we have place a sheet under her so she will not tarnish the dress on th beach….you can see from their reveal what it meat to them.  After this Chelsea freshen up at her hotel and was driven to her ceremony in Carmel Valley.